After 12 years in the hospitality and service industry. Our founder Javier Garcia, fulfilled his lifelong dream of starting his own Family Business. Big Mich was born May 4th, 2017 in honor of his father's birthday. We call ourselves Chicago's Michelada because we try our best to incorporate as many local businesses as possible in the creation of our products. We source our ingredients from other family owned businesses from all across Chicagoland area. Our growths possible thanks to the support of local vendors. Salud!

Working together with retail partners we've helped contribute to local organizations such as the Little Village Boys & Girls Club, The Illinois Dream Fund and Mujeres Latinas en Action. We believe through grit and collaboration we can accomplish all of our goals together. We strongly believe that if given a platform to help create positive change in our community and our world, it's just not our right but our obligation

We aim to disrupt the beverage world with a national brand, who again, places culture and family above all else. Our vision is to create beverages that can be consumed with or without alcohol. We also strongly believe in upholding a reputable workplace that values effort and talent which invests un their employees and encourages creative thinking and collaboration.